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The Old Town of Bar is the largest urban agglomeration among the ruins in Montenegro. The Old Town of Bar was a host of a turbulent history and medieval civilizations. It is located about 4 km outside today’s Bar. It is laying on a large rock and is protected by cliffs on three sides and by ramparts walls along the west side. The town hosts remains of 240 buildings in ruins with narrow winding streets and irregular-shape squares. The buildings were made of hewn stone and built as one or more storey-buildings.

Several buildings such as: the steam bath, the powder magazine and the Clock Tower were built in the Ottoman era as well as the aqueduct which supplied the Old Town of Bar with drinking water.

The Old Town also hosts a few remnants of sacred buildings from the Middle Ages as follows: St. Theodora’s Church (later St. George’s Church), St. Nicholas Church (later St. Mark’s Church), St. Veneranda’s Church and St. Catherina’s Church.

Position of the Old Town of Bar offers the visitors the opportunity to see from the old ramparts walls a beautiful panorama of the green valley of Bar, the new part of the town, the port, open seas and massif of the mountain of Rumija. A special attraction of the Old Town of Bar is its farmers’ market (pjaca) where sellers dressed in traditional costumes of this region offer their customers local products such as: citrus fruits, olives, olive oil from the area of Bar, cheese and a variety of local handicrafts.