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Found 2000 results from category “Accommodation

  1. Small hotels

    Villa Montenegro


  2. Small hotels

    Villa Miločer


  3. Hotels

    Aman Sveti Stefan


  4. Splendid Conference & Spa Resort, Budva, Montenegro

    Splendid Conference & Spa Resort


    Nestled at the edge of the pristine waters of the Adriatic Sea in Becici, Hotel Splendid Conference and SPA Resort is an exquisite...

  5. Forza Mare, Kotor
    Small hotels

    Forza Mare


  6. Regant Porto Montenegro; Tivat; Montenegro
    Boutique hotels

    Regent Porto Montenegro


    This spectacular waterfront property comprises a mix of hotel rooms and private residences all designed by Tino Zervudachi from Paris....

Found 2256 results from category “Destinations

  1. Muzicka akademija, Cetinje, Montenegro

    Academy of Music


  2. Avanturistički park, Lovcen, Cetinje, Crna Gora
    Adventure and amusement parks

    Adventure Park (Lovćen)


    The first adventure park in the Region is situated in the National park Lovćen, on Ivanova korita, in the immediate vicinity of the...

  3. Tourist agencies

    Agirana Travel


    Agirana travel is a new Innovative travel agency in the Ulcinj Riviera. We are offering you a number of top products that will make your...

  4. Alan Ford
    Cafe/ Clubs

    Alan Ford


  5. Tourist agencies

    Allegra Montenegro


  6. Amfora, Petrovac, Montenegro



Found 137 results from category “Offer

  1. Tourism and transport , Tours

    Tahiti Boat

  2. 218.00-277.50€
    Special Offers

    Labor day specials

  3. Kanjoning Nevidio,
    Sports and Recreation

    Canyon Nevidio

  4. 185.00€
    Sports and Recreation

    Two-days rafting programme on the whole sailing part of the Tara river

  5. 70.00€
    Sports and Recreation

    Rafting (Weekend programme)

  6. 55.00€
    Sports and Recreation

    Two days rafting (Brštanovica-Šćepan Polje)

Found 139 results from category “Tourist pages

Tourist pages
  1. Default

    1. Secrets of the North-East

     619 km Podgorica - Lijeva Rijeka - Andrijevica - Plav - Gusinje - Plav - Berane - Rožaje - Trpezi - Bijelo Polje - Kolašin –...

  2. Did you know

    A phoenix-plant grows on mountain Rumija

    There is a phoenix-plant: gentle Ramonda serbica, a flowering plant, protected by law, which grows on the slopes of the mountain of...

  3. Nova godina - Page

    Accommodation - Winter 2015

  4. Default


  5. Default

    Adventure Travel Itinerary Ideas

    This map was created to introduce you to this rugged country and get you thinking about possible hiking, biking, and rafting packages. We...

  6. Did you know

    All forms of relief

    On the surface of only 13 812 km² Montenegro has almost all forms of relief!

Found 7 results from category “Events

  1. Pljevlja, Crna Gora
    04.11.2015 - 30.11.2015

    Pljevlja November Festivities

    Pljevlja > Municipality Pljevlja

    Events of cultural, entertaining and sport character, organised in honour of the Day of Municipality, 20 November.

  2. Djeciji savez
    in 3 days

    Children's Singing Festival "Nasa Radost" (Our Joy)

    Podgorica > KIC Budo Tomović

    Under the auspices of the Capital City, the Public Institution "Children's Alliance", for decades committed only to children's culture,...

  3. Decembarska umjetnička scena, Deus, Podgorica, Crna Gora
    in 4 days
    01.12.2015 - 27.12.2015

    December Art Scene - DEUS

    Podgorica > KIC Budo Tomović

    Carefully building up a cultural profile out of the best elements of genuine spiritual values and progressive ideas, cultural diversity...

  4. Umjetnici zavičaju , Danilovgrad, Crna Gora
    in 12 days

    Artists to Their Hometown

    Danilovgrad > Local Tourism Organisation of Danilovgrad

  5. Memorijal Veliša Mugoša, Podgorica, Crna Gora
    in 13 days
    10.12.2015 - 19.12.2015

    Traditional International Athletic Race - Liberation of Podgorica ("Velisa Mugosa Memorial")

    Podgorica > Local Tourism Organisation of Podgorica

  6. Podgoricka noc, Crna Gora
    in 14 days

    XXII Night of Podgorica

    Podgorica > Restaurant Morača

    This event is organised every year in honour of 19 December - the Day of Podgorica. It features culture and entertainment and is aimed at...

Found 305 results from category “News

  1. Mrs Zeljka Radak Kukavicic, Managing Director, National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro, and Mr Mario Hardy, CEO, Pacific Asia Travel Association,Photo: Simon Harvey
    3 November, 2015.

    Montenegro Tourism Taps into PATA Expertise

  2. Montenegro and Albania, joint projects
    2 November, 2015.

    Montenegro and Albania, joint projects in urban development of cross border area

  3. Kotor, Lonely Planet
    28 October, 2015.

    Lonely Planet declares Kotor in Montenegro the top city in the world for 2016

  4. 22 September, 2015.


  5. 8 September, 2015.

    13 Places You Must Visit While In Montenegro

  6. Peace Boat
    4 September, 2015.

    The Japanese "Peace Boat" will sail in Port of Kotor on the 4th October