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  1. Did you know

    A phoenix-plant grows on mountain Rumija

    There is a phoenix-plant: gentle Ramonda serbica, a flowering plant, protected by law, which grows on the slopes of the mountain of...

  2. Nova godina - Page

    Accommodation - Winter 2015

  3. Did you know

    All mountain lakes in Montenegro are glacial lakes

    All mountain lakes in Montenegro are glacial lakes and are condemned to gradual disappearance.

  4. Did you know

    Black salamander

    The only habitat of black salamander (Salamadra atra) in Montenegro is on the mountain Bogićevica (Prokletije) at the altitude of 1,952 m...

  5. Did you know

    Coloured rains

    From time to time we have coloured rains – yellowish or reddish. Cause: the southern wind brings air from Northern Africa full of desert...

  6. Did you know

    First skis

    A young Norwegian officer brought first skis to Montenegro in 1893.  

  7. Did you know

    Large predatory fish live in Plavsko lake

    Only large predatory fish live in Plavsko Lake - five species (huchen, black mudfish, pike, burbot and chub).

  8. Did you know

    Mediterranean and olive tree

    Mediterranean spreads as far as the olive tree grows. 

  9. Default - Nova

    Panorama maps and GPS Data

    The unbelievable variety of the Montenegrin mountains inspires every visitor.

  10. Did you know

    Skadar Lake

    Surface of Skadar Lake varies from 400 to 525 square kilometres. 

  11. Did you know

    The largest lake in the Balkans

    Skadar Lake is the largest lake in the Balkans.