Panorama maps and GPS Data

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New for Hiking & Biking 10 Panorama Maps and GPS Data

The unbelievable variety of the Montenegrin mountains inspires every visitor.

You will find nature at its most pristine, with innumerable summits scraping the expansive and wide open sky as time slows in the lonely mountain pastures. In the Mediterranean, there is simply no mountain landscape comparable to Montenegro, and now, it is accessible to hikers and bikers too. Impressions and information in 10 new spectacular panorama maps is just a mouse-click away.

Here you can download the panorama maps of your choice and view Montenegro´s amazing sceneries from 10 different angles from a bird's eye view. Apart from impressions, they include useful information such as, for example, the locations of mountain huts, or where cyclists can find repair stations. With these maps, you also get an idea of the "Top Trails". For hiking, you will find one panorama to the Montenegrin Coastal Transversal "PPT" and four more along the Montenegrin Mountain Hiking Transversal "CT1".

Bikers will also get to see five distinctive Top Trails. GPS data to those trails is available for free download.

And: Consider this unique roadbook - the "backbone to the backcountry" – “Wilderness Biking Montenegro” is available in online bookshops and the "Bar Kod" retail shops in Montenegro. More information:

We are preparing our next publications for hikers and bikers. To this end, we appreciate your opinion on the following: Would you find a guidebook to a certain Top Trail useful as well - which one?

We are sure that a biking or hiking trip to Montenegro would be memorable for a variety of reasons. One of which has to be the fact that the trails, maps and guides have been done with valuable input by bikers and hikers, for bikers and hikers.

Welcome to discover the “Wild Beauty”!