Winter season

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In Montenegro, you can spend winter either on snowy mountains or by the blue sea. If you choose a coastal winter, you will experience places filled with blue colours, decorated with masks, illuminated by torches of festival nights. The Carnival starts in Boka Bay and at the end of winter and beginning of spring it spreads to other coastal places in which festivals of fish and wine, majorettes’ parades and camellia and mimosa festivals are held.   More Less

Beaches are also beautiful in winter time. They are perfect for taking walks since there are no crowds and the air is absolutely clear, filled with scents and sea salt. You can enjoy sunny days, experience festivals, take part in the traditional winter carnival and dance all night in disco clubs and shop well in local boutiques and galleries. Enjoy the amazing views from the Dinarides, try local specialties, relax by the fire and have a glass of mulled wine or brandy.

Discover experience and enjoy “Wild Beauty” winter on amazing snowy mountains where you can ski or snowboard for more than six months in a year.

After a pleasant day spent walking on the beaches or skiing, snowboarding, sliding on the mountains, you can enjoy a relaxing massage or refreshing sauna in your fantastic hotel. 


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