What is the new "Fjord" going to look like?

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A new hotel “Fjord” is expected to be built in Kotor very soon. After seven years the old story about the new hotel is back on the agenda. The town has been waiting for it for a long time and a new hotel should replace the old, shabby and abandoned one built on the most attractive place in the town which is hosting from day to day more and more cruisers. “It is going to be a modern, high ranked, four-star hotel which will fit with its looks and size into the environment and nature of the town under UNESCO’s protection”, says Nikola Babić, legal representative of the investor  New Fjord Developments to the Portal Analitika. Our Portal publishes exclusively parts of the preliminary design of the new “Fjord”.

Out guest emphasizes that group of architects in London is entrusted development of the design and plan of the new hotel “Fjord” and the project should be fully completed by September.

The project is planned to be presented to representatives of Municipality, the Government and Agency for the Protection of Cultural Goods at the end of summer, Babić says, adding that the project highly praised the fact that Kotor is the town of the world cultural heritage and that it is necessary to fit the hotel into the ambience of cultural and natural heritage which make it recognizable. 

New Fjord Developments LTD paid all taxes and other financial duties to the Municipality. Also the company as a majority founder paid all the obligations to creditors in the total amount of EUR 125,000.00, costs of bankruptcy proceedings of over EUR 55,000.00 and they also paid funds needed for the functioning of the New Fjord. They plan to invest in the following period over EUR 400,000.00 so that the company can start implementing the project of the hotel “Fjord“.

Presentation of the project of the hotel awaited for such a long time by the people of Kotor will be organized in September. On this occasion our Portal is presenting parts of the preliminary design. 

Babić reminds that Executive Director of the company New Fjord Developments Michael Fingelton, with his associates has visited Kotor recently and talked to Mayor Marija Ćatović and on that occasion announced the beginning of the hotel construction. 

Source: www.portalanalitika.me