Welcoming Montenegro

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Due to professional reasons I have been visiting regularly Montenegro the past two years . It is one of the most interesting countries I know to visit.

For those who do not know what I mean , Montenegro is one of the republics that made up Yugoslavia , and the last to become independent after a short period attached to Serbia.

I guess in a blog of this style you might expect a first post about the country based on spectacular scenery , beautiful cities or some other magical corner . I will not talk about it for now . In next post I will discuss its spectacular natural environment that makes the tourist slogan is Montenegro Wild Beauty.

I also have to talk about some locations that I sincerely look much more interesting than the well-known and over touristic Dubrovnik. And of course, about magic an unspected spots.

But first I want to talk about one of the aspects that are most appealing to get to this country . I guess that´s a thank I have not do yet.

The feeling of being alone in an unfamiliar foreign city , not speaking the local language and not knowing anyone should be part of the vital experience need to get some degree of citizen , a permit to vote, be a parent or to rule a political party.

Even in such innocuous level as I’ve lived it, it vaccines indelibly  against racism and allows to understand the penalties and the deep sense of loneliness that is seen in the eyes of those who have tended to go to a foreign country looking for a so basic right as a gain a decent life .

Those braying against foreigners in parties , with new forms , defend the old fascist ideas that caused so much pain to our old continent, have never experienced the feeling to which I refer .

But in Podgorica, the capital , have been able to get rid of that feeling since the day I decided that the best I could do to feel less burdened was to switch off the computer and go down the street for a beer ,even lonely and uncomunicated.

I suppose it’s the size of the city, by the absence of tourism or because the hanging camera that turned me  less discreet than a Chinese in a flamenco show , but there has been no day in one way or another someone had just wondering where I am and what was in Montenegro.

A contagious smile lights up their faces to hear you’re from Spain . Many speak some Spanish . They have learned watching Spanish soap operas and shows like Los Serrano , Un paso adelante or El Internado .

That’s what a country gets having a TV that does not over voice  anything. Most people speak several languages.

Typically you get included in the group . From that moment make you feel integrated and as such expect to drink , not with them , but as one of them. They love to chat , share experiences and joke about how all Mediterranean peoples share a way of living and relating that unites us beyond borders. And others insist to take pictures of them and ask me to use the photos as an invitation to the Spaniards to come to know their country .

So from here I can only thank that attitude and that affection presented a small part of that ” Wellcoming Montenegro ” will be led to their invitation to discover a country and a people who really deserve it.

Source: www.imagenenblanco.com