Turno skiers on the mount Ahmica

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Mountaineering and Skiing Club “Hajla” from Rožaje and its President Fevzija Kurtagić organized a visit of turno skiers from Austria and representatives of their most famous clubs.    

Skiers came to Montenegro on the 9th March and went first to Rožaje that is to the mountaineers lodge Grope in the foot of the mount Hajla. On the first day they decided to climb the highest peak of the mount Hajla, but because of extremely bad weather they managed to climb to 2,300 meters above sea level from which they descended skiing down the steep cliffs of the mount Hajla to the foot of the mountain. 

On the next day, under the leadership of their guide Zulfikar Kurtagić, they climbed mount Ahmica. This expedition was successful despite freezing wind and snowy storms. Skiers descended the peak of the mount Ahmica on the north side for which extraordinary skiing skills are needed. 

On the third day skiers started climbing the highest peak of Hajla again. This time this attempt was successful. Skiers started skiing from the first ridge on the north-east along the steep side.

This group of turno skiers from Austria decided not to go to the mounts Bjelasica, Prokletije and Komovi because of extremely unfavourable weather conditions, but since their overall impressions were really good, they announced their new visit soon since they were astonished with the potentials of Montenegro for the development of this type of skiing. 

As the skiers did not manage to climb all the mountain peaks, they will spend rest of their stay in Kotor. 

“Turno skiing is different because of the manner of climbing since the whole tour is based on one‘s own strength and power. We use special turno skiing equipment which enables us simple and efficient climbing with skis on our legs. During the tour we can connect one or more peaks depending on how fit we are and depending on current snowy conditions. Then, we ski down the mountain to the valley. Turno skiing is a sport which includes both climbing and descending and thus connects mountaineering with skiing in the natural environment for which mount Hajla and other Montenegrin mountains have great potential and this should be one of the major directions for the development of winter tourism in Montenegro,” Fevzija Kurtagic President of PSD “Hajla” says.