Trekking – from walking to hiking


It’s hard to describe why most hikers are good people . Being a climber , means to be healthy , and a real friend.

Few places such as Durmitor can satisfy mans curiosity , boldness exams , skill , climb upward , staring into the distance and discover new horizons . Its peaks and beautiful lakes draw us to them many times and win the visit and each new sunrise is an experience in itself and a new adventure .

The first rule is that when a man wants to venture into Durmitoris to mete out their wishes and possibilities. If you are not physically prepared , or there is no suitable clothing and footwear , or if the weather is not perfect , does not need to go in further excursions. Pleasure is indeed much greater , if a persons is more active and participate in sports . A man who visit the Durmitor , should be returned healthy and happy , so it is necessary to find a balance between the forces at its disposal and challenges .

Before going on a tour , you should clearly specify the target time , route, departure time , arrival at the target, returning the pace of movement , location and duration of the holiday. Bring along all the necessary equipment in the form of clothing, shoes, food , water, and makeshift equipment.

Tours – Tours
One-day tours organized in all the 48 peaks over 2,000 meters above sea level . We organize tours to all other vertices as well as tours and itineraries in agreement with all interested groups and individuals . On this occasion, we describe a couple of the most attractive tour on Durmitor , and according to their physical abilities and desires select few.