Snowboard extreme session – Ski Resort “Vučje”

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This Festival has exceeded expectations – next year we’ll have the Euro Cup. Three days after the competitors had left Vučje and well as the participants and numerous guests, organizer of the Second International Snowboard Festival and hip hop SNOWBOARD EXTREME SESSION, the Ski Resort “Vučje” can announce with great pleasure that this event has exceeded all expectations. The Festival was attended during these three days by about 5,300 visitors and there were most visitors present on Sunday 3 March – about 3,200 when finales were held in several disciplines: helio-snow freeride as well as the concert of the WHO SEE KLAPA.

Total costs of organizing this organization from the fees for the engaged parties to making the start machine were EUR 22,150. EUR 9,200 was paid for pre-determined and special awards. Special awards were given to chief engineer, referee and race director – a seven day summer holiday in a 4 star hotel “Light House” in Igalo.  All contestants and team members were in the end released from paying part of accommodation and hospitality contents costs. Total income earned exceeded the plan and expenses but that money was completely spent on special awards and discounts. 

Apart from congratulations from all those who were there, evaluations of experts also arrived – the best snowboard event in the region this year was held on the mount Vučje! That is why we can expect, with a good reason, that this competition and entertainment program can host next year’s riders and performers from about ten countries from the Balkans and that this event will be rated as suitable for the next Euro Cup! Apart from the hardest and most attractive snowboard disciplines, border cross and big air, next year we will probably have backcountry natural freeride down the mount Dažnik, where the preliminary design of the project for the installation of obstacles has already been developed. Also, it is up to the amount of snow which will determine whether the fourth discipline will be held – halfpipe. We are also highly grateful to the public service Radio Television of Montenegro for their major support before, during and after the Festival. Also we are really grateful to the Montenegrin Olympic Committee for their major support during the preparations for the Festival, since they helped us at the times when only some believed that this event will be organized on a so high level and for their endeavors to promote these races enter the world calendar of snowboard competitions. We owe our gratitude to the Directorate for Transportation who had helped from the very beginning of the preparations for the Festival! We would also like to thank our major promoter, the actor Momčilo Otašević for presenting ski slopes, competitions and the Festival. We would also like to thank the Radio-Broadcasting Centre and Helicopter Unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who enabled helioride. Then we would like to thank “Lovćen osiguranje” and Inter Sport  - our general sponsors. Then we would like to thank our other sponsors “Hipotekarna banka”, “Komercijalna banka Budva”, group “Mi-Rai”, brands Bavaria, B52, Jegermeister and Jana. Also, we would like to thank Jumedia Mont: the daily “Dan” and Radio D and Radio D+ for their media sponsorship. Also, we would like to express our special gratitude to the company NTC logistics, brands Acqua panna and S. Pellegrino. Special gratitude goes to the Mountain Rescue Team and particularly to volunteers who worked on the preparation and securing the Festival until 4 o’clock in the morning.