Ski resort Savin kuk open

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Ski resort Savin kuk in Žabljak was opened last weekend even though it didn’t snow for a while, radio Antena M reports.

Lessee of the ski resort Vukomir Marjanović says that they did not open the ski resort before because there were not enough people.  

“We did not open it because we estimated that there would not be enough tourists in Žabljak. Today we started with promotional prices for the weekend – ski-pass five euros. At the moment there are about 500 people at the ski slopes, and weather is beautiful and it all started well. We’ll see if the situation will be the same tomorrow”, Marjanović said to radio Antena M.

He believes that tourists will decide to spend New Year holidays in Žabljak. According to him all the bookings indicate that all facilities will be full. 

“There will probably be about 1,500 to 2,000 people because all facilities are pretty full. We still don’t know what is the situation with private accommodation”, Marjanović added.

Another, a smaller ski resort, Javorovača, in Žabljak has also started work.