Ryanair is finally here: this year cheep flights to Brussels, next year to Milan, Barcelona and other places

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Two-year-announcements that were a hot-topic almost every year before the summer season have finally come true.  The most famous European low cost air company Ryanair from Ireland will introduce a direct flight from Podgorica to Brussels latest by the 20th June. Single ticket will be EUR28.99 and as of the next year this airline will introduce flights from Tivat to Barcelona, Frankfurt, London, Milan, Oslo and Stockholm.

This was announced by the sales manager Maria Macken who also mentioned that they expected turnover of about ten thousand passengers on this line. The agreement which was negotiated about for a long time was concluded by a Government Group. 

“This line will be operational as of the 20th June. It will operate twice a week – on Mondays and Thursdays. This is the 29th country in which we have our flights.  We are almost the only extremely low cost air company since we have the lowest seat prices in Europe. We can guarantee that we will never charge fees on any of our lines.  This year, we have transported 80 million passengers all over Europe and over 280 million people have visited our web site,” Macken said and added:

“As for the transport and services, we are the company number one because we have the lowest number of canceled flights, the lowest number of delays and the lowest number of lost luggage. We have a perfectly clear file of the safety of passengers and we have had no problems for these 28 years.” 

While she was explaining what an extremely low cost transporter means, Ms Macken compared their ticket’s price with other ticket prices saying that their average ticket price was about €50.00 while the average ticket price with Lufthansa was €238.00 or by 376 percent more expensive.

“We have 57 bases and the largest coverage in Europe. We work with 182 airports from 29 countries including Montenegro. This is approximately more than 1,500 routes which is also the number of daily take-offs. Our air fleet consists of the newest generation Boing - 737 - 800 S and has 305 aircrafts. The fleet is extremely young and airplanes are maximum up to four years old. 

The number of passengers is increasing year after year. Now we have a line from Podgorica and we are expecting to have a turnover of ten thousand passengers ... We are planning to open new lines from Tivat next year, possibly to Barcelona, Frankfurt, London, Milano, Oslo and Stockholm,” announced Macken.

Pointing out that Montenegro is an airline destination Assistant Minister of Tourism Ms Olivera Brajović said that our strategic goal was to increase the level of airline availability of our country.

Assistant Minister of Transport Mirel Radić Ljubisavljević agreed that the new airline was based on the existing regulations, that is, international framework – the Common Aviation Area Agreement that Montenegro signed.  

Assistant Director of the Public Company “Airports of Montenegro” Ivan Kusovac said that the arrival of this low cost air company represented a challenge for the “Airports of Montenegro”. 

“We believe that we will address successfully this task, that is, very high standards of servicing Ryanair airplanes,” Kusovac said.

Macken said that the last year’s arrival of “Ryanair” was thwarted by the media.

“We were ready even last year to publicize this partnership, but since that information leaked out to the media before our official publicizing, our Board of Directors required our withdrawal.  However, this did not influence the enthusiasm and cooperation with the “Airports of Montenegro” which has remained on the same level. That is why it is our pleasure to be here again this year. And once again, it is the policy of our company that required us to withdraw as soon as the information leaked out,” Macken said.

Asked whether they would withdraw now after any other newspaper article, she said that it “will have no impact in the future”. 

Source: www.vijesti.me