Reportage on Montenegro and Porto Montenegro

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The Mail, web edition of the British Daily Mail, the most read internet page in the world which presents the latest information from United Kingdom and the whole world, including tourist reportages, with over 39 million unique users, has published a detailed reportage on marina and the settlement of Porto Montenegro.

The reportage of the journalist Amy Williams in the web edition of the British Daily Mail is another in a row of important promotions of Montenegro and Porto Montenegro as a nautical destination which offers a lot and from which much more can be expected. 

Under the title “Balkans bling: Why Montenegro is the latest Mediterranean hit with the rich and famous”, the journalists speaks about her impressions about the Boka Kotorska (Gulf of Kotor), marina Porto Montenegro, the newly opened Purobeach Club and shopping offer. At the beginning of her article she also says: “So what does this little state, once part of the former Yugoslavia, have that has piqued the interest of Europe’s great and good?”

She also adds: “Porto Montenegro is aiming to take up the mantle from the Med’s most stylish hotspots. It is tamer than Ibiza, more tasteful than Monte Carlo and if you don’t have your own yacht to moor, you could always rent a dinghy”.

While paying special attention to the Stari Grad Kotor (Old Town Kotor) and the island resort Sveti Stefan, and while mentioning the parties that attract attention of the rich, the journalist concludes that Montenegro strives to be affordable to “ordinary people” as well. Another thing that should also be recognized and prized is the surprise factor. 

“A great deal of thought has gone into the shops that line the marina front. It would have been too easy and predictable to stick a few brash brands to cater for the yachting elite, but instead you will spot a smattering of small fashionable brands. None of these you’re likely to see in Puerto Banus. And that’s the point”.