Rambo Amadeus 210,000 You Tube viewers

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Only 24 hours after posting the video “Euro Neuro” of our representative at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Rambo Amadues, at one of the most famous worldwide search engines You Tube, it was viewed and heard by over 210,000 users.

Viewers from almost all European countries liked the song and the number of those who liked it largely exceeded those who did not like the song ofMontenegro’s representative at the Eurovision Song Contest.

It is interesting to mention that currently the Rambo Amadeus’s video is among the five most popular videos of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Video of the representative ofMontenegrois by the number of views far ahead of all others from the ex-Yu countries, and in the group of the most popular videos together with “Euro Neuro” there are representatives ofTurkey,Russia,DenmarkandSweden.