PSD “Hajla” presented the first downhill mountain bike trail

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Hiking and Ski Club “Hajla” Rožaje presented their first downhill mountain bike trail in Rožaje and its surrounding. The trail is located on the slopes of the mount Hajla and goes across the steep terrain covered with thick forest. The trial starts from the mountain lodge Grope, goes to Brahim Brijeg, Gornji Bukelj and then to Halja, Ibarca and ends in the center of Rožaje. The trail is 10 km and 600 m long with the highest point at 1,980 meters above sea level and lowest point at 1,006 meters above sea level. With such elevation difference it is unique in the region. 

  • Downhill (dh) is a biking discipline where bikers go down the hill on technically demanding trails. Average speed is about 40-50 km/h, while at the fastest parts they can reach up to 70 km/h. Downhill is now a hit in the world of biking.