Promotion in the Ski Resort Kolasin

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Organized by the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro, NGO “Montenegro Phototrekking”, “” and “Snowhunters” dealing with popularization of sports in nature and ski centre “Kolašin 1450”, this promotion was held in order to promote ski sports and spending time on the snow. This ski resort hosted about 1,500 visitors.

Interested citizens could enjoy benefits such as free transport from Podgorica, discounts on half-day ski passes, DJ party with promotional drinks in the afternoon hours and promotional night skiing. 

Director of NTO, Saša Radović informed representatives of media that NTO is organizing this year again a set of events aimed at raising the quality of tourist offer in the winter season and popularization of recreational activities in ski centres for individuals, groups and families with children, who do not go to the ski resorts only for skiing and boarding but also for relaxation with less demanding activities such as wolking in snow shoes (“krplje”) or Nordic skiing. As Radović says, the season is developing well in both north and the south, and accommodation capacities of ski centres are fuller by 30% compared to the same period last year. NTO will organize next week a free “ski caravan” that is the organized transportation from Podgorica to all three ski centres (Kolašin 1450, Savin kuk and Vučje), and all interested parties can get information via the social networks and other available channels/media. On the slopes of Durmitor similar promotional events will be organized such as snowkiting – boarding with kite and energy of wind. Radović says that one of the goals of this campaign is to eliminate prejudice that only chosen ones can enjoy skiing but not general population of our country. “Our intention is the attract young people to start practicing healthy lifestyle so that they can become our loyal skiers and promoters of winter tourism”.

Organized by “Snowhunters”, transport by the ski bus will be organized every weekend from Podgorica to the ski resort “Kolašin 1450”. Price of the return ticket is €10.00. Ski resort “Vučje” organizes transport from the hotel “Onogošt” (startign poitn in front of the hotel) to the ski resort every day - return ticket is €3.00.

Nikola Medenica, director of TO Kolašin recommended staying in Kolašin not only at weekends when it is visited by a large number of guests. Half-board prices in private accommodation from €9.00 and in the hotels from €25.00 are the reson good enough for our guests to stay near their homes but to be offered high quality of service.  

According the manager of the ski resort “Kolašin 1450“, Boban Šćepanović, ski slopes are ready and they are excited to receive even more tourists. Advantage of domestic ski resorts is that winter holiday can be planned for the next day and not necessarily months ahead. In this ski resort prices of ski pass are the same as last year - €20.00 for one-day ski pass and €12.00 for half-day ski pass. Ski resort also offers the service of renting motor skis, ski school etc. 

By calling the Call Centre - dial 1300, or visiting the portal, the interested citizens and tourists can get all service information: about height of snow and information about accommodation capacities, weather conditions and situation on the roads and the like. Tourists and citizens of Montenegro are invited to enjoy good weather, sufficient amounts of snow and parties organized by domestic ski resorts. 

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