Presentation of the Project “Holiday4all”

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A couple of days ago a press conference of the working group of the Calypso program implemented jointly by the Tourism Organization of Serbia, the “Danube Competence Center” and National tourism Organization of Montenegro was held in the hotel “Ramada” for the promotion of the project “Holiday4all”. 

The project “Holiday4all” is one of the results of a good cooperation between tourism organizations of Montenegro and Serbia which were also the initiators of other projects recognized in the Southeastern Europe as creative and competitive in the global market.  The NTO and TOS are active members of the European Commission for Tourism and Travels where they represent in full capacity interests of the region aimed at creating tourism products and their promotion at out-of-Europe fast growing markets such as Chinese, Japanese, Indian or Trans-Atlantic markets which is one of the important strategic goals and dedications of both countries. 

Director of NTO Saša Radović estimated that the Project provides opportunity for the new categories of potential tourists to get acquainted with tourism offer in the off-season periods which will be made possible thanks to the funding provided by the European Commission. “Offers of our two destinations are not competitive but complementary, particularly in third markets”, Radović said and acquainted all the present with the following four target groups of tourists addressed directly by the project: 1) young people from 18 to 30 years of age; 2) families with a larger number of family members and children of preschool age, interested in financial reliefs in the off-season tourist destinations; 3) persons with disabilities who avoid certain conditions of infrastructural pressure during the high season; 4) and now increasingly pronounced and an increasingly growing tourist category – group of seniors i.e. people over 65 years of age who are now traveling more and who are great consumers but who prefer the off-season offer because of climate conditions. 

This model of cooperation was designed based on the existing positive European practice of Spain and Portugal but also France in the segmentation of market and creation of an all-year-round offer. A specific benefit of the project for Montenegro and Serbia will be the extended season, an integrated all-year-round offer and particularly the increase of employment in the off-season period. 

Project Manager, Kristina Kujundžić said on behalf of TOS that the idea standing behind the project was to spread the partnership based on the achieved results on the Danube macro-region which includes 12 countries which will contribute to a transnational cooperation and a more intensive movement of tourists. Innovations in the project “Holiday4all” includes a different approach and management aimed at institutional strengthening and capacity building of all actors in tourism industry and public-private partnership. She particularly pointed out the role of economy but also the civil sector without which this project would not be sustainable. 

Emil Kukalj, Project Coordinator mentioned the following as the forthcoming activity: establishment of a transnational Advisory Committees and National Calypso Working Groups which would include all interested actors. A Study for the project area will be commissioned and activities under the project will include panel discussions aimed at acquainting broader professional and general public with the project and presentation of the program of training and promotion. 

This project will increase the already significant scope of tourist turnover of our two countries but it will also attract new tourists from the wider are of Europe to the Region.