Podgorica – Kotor – Nikšić – Podgorica

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Gligor Đerić, Ivan Pavlović and Slaven Raspopović cycled from Podgorica, Čevo and Njeguši to Kotor and back to Vilusi and Nikšić to Podgorica.

This is one of the most beautiful cycling tours through Montenegro in which beautiful untouched mountain landscapes, sea, lakes, plains, and on the other side fantastic coastline and warm winds from the sea constantly alternate. The tour starts from Podgorica, goes to Danilovgrad, Markovina and Vlestovo to Čevo and Lastva Čevska. The untouched nature and clean air which gets cold at night guarantee the most wonderful sleep after the first day (72km).

On the second day we start our trip from Lastva and go back to Čevo, pass through Ćeklići where we are waiting in Čekanje (Waiting), and from Čekanje we go directly to Njeguši. I think that we are all familiar with beauties of this area and historical heritage of Njeguši. From Njeguši we go down the “serpentines” from which there is a wonderful view of the Pearl of the Adriatic – Boka Bay. For 24 times you have a feeling that you are floating in haven because this is the number of serpentines from which you can have such beautiful views. Then we go down the place called Trojica and go straight to Kotor from where we are taking a tour around the bay. Kotor, Perast, the view of Our Lady of the Rock, Risan, Herceg Novi… and all the way you are riding along the coast and here and there you can hear local songs and stop and take photographs. The only problem is how to find a place to make a photo since each meter of this tour is suitable for taking wonderful photos. Close inspection of the cyclocomputer will show that we have passed 120km on day two. 

On the third day of our tour we take the road Kotor, Perast, Risan from where we climb to Grahovo. It is the bike that should take you through this area since you can have a beautiful view of the bay, but from the opposite side, and you can also see the whole road that you have taken to come down from Lovćen to Kotor. The next place you want to see is Vilusi since this is where ascent ends which is not small at all and this is generally the most difficult part of the day. Then a long descend is waiting for you all the way down to Nikšić. On that place you will see boards saying Podbožur, Trubjela, Brestice… all the way to Slano jezero (Salty Lake). Turn for Čevo is also a turn for the dam on Slano jezero. Dam ride is a wonderful experience full of amazing views of manmade sites. After crossing the dam we are turning left while taking the road which is taking us through the groves to Nikšić, that is, after crossing the second dam we are getting in front of the tunnel Budoš. After the tunnel Budoš the road descends to Podgorica and we can take a little rest. This day is a bit more demanding since it is a third day of our ride (150km).

In a light pace we have rode this tour for 15h and saw about 350km of the beauties of Montenegro.