Peaks of the Balkans - Winner Destination Stewardship Award

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World Travel & Tourism Council

Uniting the mountain regions of the countries of Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania in a sustainable tourism destination development model, the multi-stakeholder process spearheaded by the Peaks of the Balkans Steering Committee has led to the successful creation of a new 192km Peaks of the Balkan (PoB) hiking trail. The project is playing an important role in preserving the natural, cultural and spiritual heritage of the region, as well as restoring mutual trust, collaboration, and economic opportunities between these three Balkan countries. In addition, the PoB Committee has provided training, capacity building and support for the development of local tourism enterprises in the small communities along the trail, as well as addressed trans-border issues to ensure easier movement across neighbouring borders for visitors on the trail.
“The Peaks of the Balkans is recognition of the harmonious working partnerships between Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. It’s special we have such constructive relationships in a formerly troubled region. Now we can offer safe access and travels for visitors, protect our heritage and bring new social and economic benefits.”

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