NYT Travel: Montenegro - a Balkan Gem

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The New York Times Travel, special edition of the famous American paper The New York Times, puts Montenegro in the 12th place on the list of destinations to be visited in 2013 – RTCG reports. 

Whether you are travelling to taste new food, to surf or ski or for new adventures – this is how 46 interesting places, cities or countries to be visited in 2013, if you have time and money, are recommended by the prestigious The New York Times.

Brazil takes the first place of the most desirable destinations i.e. the spectacular Rio de Janeiro, the city “where you will find the whole world”. The 2014 Football World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games will turn this city of carnivals, as a short introduction of The New York Times says, into a sophisticated place that must be visited not only for fun but also for culture. 

The city of Marseille takes the second place, “the European capital of culture”; Nicaragua takes the third place (“ecological place, and food is also good!”); the fourth place is taken by Accra in Ghana; then there is Bhutan, then the cities of Amsterdam, Houston and Rossland (British Columbia) where you can experience unforgettable skiing...

Motives and reasons of the editorial board of The New York Times to choose places that are a must-be-visited this year are various. On the prestigious list Montenegro takes the 12th place; as for other ex-YU destinations only the island of Hvar in Croatia occupies a high position (it takes the 14th place).

“A Balkan gem that’s small, spectacular and – cheep ” – with this short description put above the island of Sveti Stefan, The New York Times explains in brief the reasons why to visit Montenegro. In a short text written in good humour, the journalist and publicist Tim Neville says that “it’s been almost seven years since Montenegro peacefully parted ways with Serbia, long enough that Russian oligarchs and former Yugoslavs aren’t the only ones in on this booming Balkan jewel”; Neville explains that apart from the well known city-hotel of Sveti Stefan, Porto Montenegro is being built and opening of the Hilton hotel is expected.