Move On’s first run at the Extra TV video store

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Public of Montenegro will have the opportunity to see first run of the movie “Move on” as of Friday 30th November. The movie was filmed last summer in Montenegro and in seven other European countries. The movie can be rented (for free) from the Extra TV video store. The film was directed by a reputable Hollywood director Asger Leth and a famous Hollywood actor Mads Mikkelsen is staring. It is presented as a first interactive road movie because the audience had the opportunity from the very beginning to take part in the creative process of the creation of the movie – among other things to participate in the selection of filming locations, names of characters or the music they are listening and to play a minor role if they wanted. Apart from Montenegro, the film was shot in the Netherlands, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Macedonia, Croatia and Germany and each of the countries was dedicated one film episode. The first four episodes are available on while the whole movie can be seen at the Extra TV video-store. Crnogorski Telekom took part in the project that was initiated by the Deutsche Telekom, so that it could, in line with their slogan “share the feeling”, enable their users to take part for the first time in the creation of a feature movie. Scenario framework of the movie “Move On” was written by a famous screenwriter Matt Greenhalgh. The movie is about the travelling of a major character through Europe who is given a special assignment – delivery of a mysterious suitcase that he must protect with his life.