"Montenegro one of the most beautiful parts I have cycled so far"

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Juliana Buhring will soon finish the cycling tour round the world. Last Friday she came to Montenegro. 

A 31-year-old Juliana Buhring cycled through Montenegro – the first woman to cycle round the world. She is of British – German origin. She was born in Greece and she grew up, as she says, in 30 countries of Asia, Africa and Europe. 

On the 23rd July Juliana started her trip from Naples, where she lives now, trying to break the world record and cycle the world in 144 days even though a year ago she could not even ride a bike. 

“I am not an athlete and until last year I could not even ride a bike. My goal is to show that ordinary people can have extraordinary achievements. My entire challenge was supported by donations and support of ordinary people without which I would not get this far,” said Buhring for the daily “Vijesti”.

She said that she liked Montenegro very much and that is was one of the most beautiful sections she had cycled so far. 

From the very beginning of her adventure Juliana cycled through Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, India, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro. She has another 4,000 kilometres left. He will get back to Italy through Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia she will cycle also from Trieste in the north to the Naples in the south. 

“During this ride, I faced many obstacles including 28 flat tires, numerous problems with the equipment, attacks by different animals, diarrhoea and throat infection in India... I paddled through the cyclone, over five mountain ranges and I rode against the wind 70 percent of the time”, says Juliana, who is hoping to get back to Naples on 22nd December with the record of 152 days of which 144 days of cycling and 29,000 kilometres paddled with average of 200 kilometres a day.

She added that she hoped that her experience would encourage other women to start walking the walk since mostly men decide to take such big actions. 

 More information on her site: http://julianabuhring.com

Source: daily “Vijesti”