Montenegro on Geo-Tourist Map of the Western Balkans

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Web site of the Geo-Tourist Map – Guide of the Western Balkans has been released today in Washington. This web site represents a joint effort of the countries in the region aimed at the promotion of the Balkans as a unique destination. 

Geo-Tourist Map-Guide of the Western Balkans is an interactive platform which contains information about destinations, particularly authentic natural, cultural and historical sites. 

Through its interactive platform this map – guide directly connects tourists with local attractions and numerous small and medium enterprises from tourism industry, and provides a map for the tourists which encompasses and expressed authenticity of the region seen through the eyes of the local people. 

On Montenegrin side the project was supported by the USAID and the National Tourism Organization and the National Geography’s Maps Department and Advisory Committee of the Geo-Tourist Map – Guide of the Western Balkans (representatives of Albania, B&H, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and  Serbia) are responsible for its implementation.