Montenegro and Argentina eye cooperation in the fields of tourism, energy and food industry

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Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic received the Governor Argentine provinces Cako Horhea Kapitanic , who is on a first visit to Montenegro. interlocutors agreed in their assessment that there is great potential for improving cooperation and friendly relations between Montenegro and Argentina, where it is emphasized that numerous Montenegrin Diaspora, mostly residing in the province Cako, an additional resource and encouragement to build closer ties between the two countries.

Prime Minister informed his interlocutor with the overall situation in Montenegro, identifying areas for potential cooperation, especially in the field of tourism, energy and food industry. In the following interview Prime Minister Djukanovic commended the effort made by the Montenegrin expatriates in preserving traditions, language and culture of the country of their ancestors despite the geographical distance of the two countries. Governor Kapitanic, noting pleased that he had the opportunity to visit the country of origin, the Prime Minister met with the potential provinces Cako and Argentina as a whole, as well as the growth achieved by the Argentine economy in the previous period. At the same time he expressed interest in the Realization of cooperation in the fields of economics, education and culture. In particular, he stressed that as a man of Montenegrin roots will be in the future committed to protecting and strengthening the national identity of Montenegrins in Argentina as a bridge of cooperation between the two countries. At the end of the meeting the governor Kapitanic urged Prime Minister Djukanovic to visit Argentina and the province Cako, and announced the arrival of the economic Argentine delegation.

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