Montenegro among the top 10 fastest developing destination

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The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) included Montenegro in the list of 10 countries with predicted fastest tourist development in the world, the CNN announced.

Destinations in the East are getting more and more popular and in 2013 this trend will continue.

It is interesting to mention that countries in the Near East are expected to experience biggest development in the area of tourism in the following ten years. 

Some of the countries on the list are a surprise at first sight. 

In the WTTC Report Qatar takes the first place and Azerbaijan takes the second place. 

These two countries achieved this fast economic growth and consequently tourist potential solely thanks to their oil resources. 

List of 10 fastest developing tourist destinations:

1. Qatar

2. Azerbaijan

3. Kirgizstan

4. Tunisia

5. Montenegro

6. Uzbekistan

7. Kazakhstan

8. Belorussia

9. Chile

10. Jordan