Montenegro again hits the list of top 10 tourist destinations in the world

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For the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the world's most prominent printed guide Lonely Planet, a special issue, namely the Best in Travel 2013, has been published, recommending Montenegro as one of the top 10 tourist travel destinations in the world.

In the above issue, Lonely Planet recommends ten countries, regions and cities selected according to the criteria of growing popularity, significant progress in 2012, or attractions drawing a special attention of the public. Montenegro is ranked number two. The issue’s headline invites readers to "tame the wild beauty" of one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

In addition to our country, the top destinations list includes: Sri Lanka, Solomon Islands, South Korea, Ecuador, Slovakia, Island, Turkey, Dominican Republic, and Madagascar.

"Montenegro is a country on the fast track to tourism superstardom" makes the opening line of the text on Montenegro by Andrea Schulte-Peevers, unfolding the story of our country. In addition to general data, the article includes information on and recommendations for touring the shady beaches, national parks, increasing network of hiking and biking tracks, events such as the Kotor Carnival and other curiosities attractive to visitors. The text also highlights investment projects such as Porto Montenegro and Aman Sveti Stefan, attributed by the author to the Government’s openness to foreign investors.  

According to the Editor-in-Chief Tom Hall, the listed destinations, despite the overall economic crisis, prepare an exquisite tourism product for the global travel market, which makes them eligible for the Best in Travel 2013. The countries were selected by a team of renowned professionals, authors of tourist guides and recognised tourism and travel experts, who toured numerous countries worldwide in 2012. All their votes counted produced the list’s final order.  

This issue of Lonely Planet, with its picturesque images on 208 pages, is accessible to readers worldwide as of today. Extremely strong distribution network of this publishing company will push for further promotion of Montenegro. The online edition of the British Independent ( has already published exclusively the information on the top destinations, which speaks in favour of the influence and reputation of the guide. The publisher also develops a new issue of the guide on Montenegro for the English-speaking areas to be published next year. Previously, Lonely Planet listed Montenegro among top 30 destinations in its Blue List publication in 2008.