Montenegrin coast among the ten most beautiful rides in the world

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A tourist site “Virtual Tourist” included the road from Kotor to Sveti Stefan on the list of 10 most attractive rides in competition with California, Thailand and other famous tourist destinations. Montenegro, that is, its famous part of the coast takes the 10th place on the list – the daily “Vijesti” reports.

“The extremely large number of web site “Virtual Tourist” members recommended Montenegro, particularly the ride from Kotor to Sveti Stefan,” it is stated in the Reuters’s text which refers to the list of this highly influential tourist portal.

“This route starts from Montenegrin villages and takes you to the south where you can ride along the Adriatic Sea and by the popular holiday resorts Budva and Sveti Stefan,” it is stated in description of tourists who had the opportunity to visit and recommend Montenegro. 

“A little island of Sveti Stefan is protruding from the shore and reminds of Ponte Aragonese, the site at the Italian island of Ischia, and is perfect for taking photos.”

Tourists are also recommended to take a ride along the Boka Bay and have beautiful views on the way from Kotor to Risan. 

This list is headed by the Pacific Highway – a road on the shores of the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to Los Angeles, which is probably the most famous road in the USA. 

The list also includes the roads in Canada, Hawaii, Thailand, Australia, South Africa, Island and Norway.