Macedonians, Montenegrins, Albanians Glued to Facebook

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Internet users in Macedonia, Montenegro and Albania simply love Facebook, with almost 90 per cent of them having Facebook accounts, according to a global statistical database maintained by the International Web Stats web page.

The other Balkan peoples are comparatively less interested in this social network, with numbers signed up as members varying between 50 and 70 percent of the internet active population.

Out of 2,1 million Macedonians,  some 1, 05 million or 50,9 percent use the internet. A staggering number of them, 878, 300 have Facebook profiles, the statistics show.

Out of 1,3 million Albanians that use the internet 1,05 are subscribed to Facebook. The popularity is similar among Montenegro’s 303,000 internet users.

No data was available for the popularity of Facebook in Kosovo.

Internet access in the Balkans
The proportion of the population in the Balkans who have access to the internet varies from country to country. Slovenia tops the chart with 64,9 per cent of the population having access to the web. Serbs rank second with 56, 2 percent. Meanwhile, 50,1 percent of Croats, 47,9 percent of Bulgarians and 46, 2 percent of Greece have access to the net.

Montenegro has 45,9 percent, Albania has 43,4 percent and Romania has 35,5 percent internet penetration.

At the bottom of Balkan countries are Bosnia and Herzegovina with 31,2 percent having access and Kosovo, where only 20,7 percent of the people use the internet.

According to the data 58,3 percent of the European  population has access to the world wide web.

Global access to the web

Across Europe as a whole, Germans lead the way with 79,9 percent of the country’s population browsing the net. Despite the high internet access, only 19.5 million of Germany’s 65 million internet users are Facebook subscribers.

Globally speaking, North America has the upper hand with 78,3 percent of its population using the internet. Africa has the lowest score with 11,4 percent.

According to the Internet World Stats one third of Earth’s population- 2,1 billion people- use the internet.


Source: BalkanInsight