M-Tel and the National Tourism Organization presented the application Montenegro Talking

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In an extraordinary tour through Kotor and Perast by mobile phone the company m: tel, in cooperation with the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro presented a comprehensive application whose integral part is “augmented reality” – “Montenegro Talking”.

The free application “Montenegro Talking” in a simple, fast, educational and entertaining way takes users to nearly 70 tourist sites and opens a whole new perspective of the offer of Montenegro, its cities, and historical and cultural attractions. After downloading the application, it is enough to direct the camera of smartphone towards the nearest location. At that moment a series of short stories will open and the audio guide will be immediately started so that users can focus on the architecture of buildings, institutions, monuments, religious sites and details instead on the screen of the phone. Incorporated maps, which guide users through the past and present of Montenegro, make it possible to plan the tour in advance, and the app will suggest and identify the best route for the tour, taking into account the place where at the moment the user is located.

The application is available in Montenegrin, Russian and English. Among the sites covered by the first version of the application “Montenegro Talking” there are the most important locations in Podgorica, Cetinje and the coast, and the application will be updated and soon expanded with new tourist sites in the north of Montenegro.

“The company m: tel is implementing the projects which have a multiple importance for the community. We wanted to present our country in a fun and an a new way to anyone who wants to get to know it better - to our customers, who may have not seen and learnt about all the beauties and historical perspectives of beautiful Montenegrin sites, and also to all foreign tourists who are always more than welcome. I believe that everyone will enjoy using the application “Montenegro Talking” and learn many new things”, said Ana Martinovic, PR Manager of the Company m: tel.

Svetlana Tomkovic, ICT Manager at the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro, among other things said: “NTOMNE has been paying special attention for years to the promotion of tourism offer through the internet. Having in mind the fact that tourists need quality and detailed information during their stay in our country, NTOMNE has recognized the importance of the Mtel application, which will allow them to learn about the attractions of Montenegro in a new and fast way.”

Technical details of the application:

-The “Montenegro Talking” application was developed for two most common platforms in the world of smart phones Android and iOS. It supports phone models with Android 2.3 “Gingerbread” and models of the new generation, as well as iOS 5.0 and newer generation models. It is available on the Google Play market, and soon also on the iStore;

-Downloading the app from the official Google Play market and iStore and by downloading the contents for the selected language, users get the application which can enable them to meet cultural and historical sites of the places they are visiting in an easy and simple way;

-The complete map of Montenegro is incorporated and can be downloaded ;

- Augmented-Reality - AR-after the camera is activated, after positioning on the map and getting closer to the desired object, augmented reality as part of the application “recognizes” the object and offers a variety of information that may be of interest to visitors (with digital compass);

-The entire application has been translated into three languages (audio + text);

-The application requires internet connection only when downloading app (or updating) from one of the markets, after which it is completely free;

-The application automatically detects phone features (processor speed, digital compass ...), and the adapted version of the device is immediately activated;

-Android application was developed in YAVA android while for the ISO Objective – C was selected.