Luxury beach bar within Porto Montenegro

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After Spain and Portugal Montenegro gets its Purobeach - an elite beach club. 

Purobeach will be placed within Porto Montenegro and major characteristic of this beach bar is luxury. Purobeach is the idea of a famous entrepreneur Mats Valstrom, who is staying these days in Montenegro, the daily “Dnevne novine” says.

The elite beach bar Purobeah starts operating in Montenegro as of mid June.

Owner of Purogroup is German Mats Valstrom who has designed the concept of Purobeach which became one of the most prestigious clubs in Europe. 

Valstrom has said in one of his recent interviews that the Bay of Kotor is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. The concept of Purobeach offers more than it is required by the five-star standards. 

“This implies a modern design and concept in which Miami meets Southeasters Asia,” Valstrom says.

With international cuisine of top notch quality, music, service and guests who are, as they say, cosmopolitans, Purobeach is the attraction wanted by every destination. 

Within Purobeach there is a 65 meters long beach, comfortable beach chairs, Purobeach boutique, two bars and two roof terraces with spectacular view. 

Purobeach DJs will be in charge of good rhythm from sunset to dawn and visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a relaxed ambience, sun and breathtaking views in their beach chairs. 

The menu will include fresh vegetable salads, grilled fish and healthy shakes as well as classical burgers and club sandwiches. 

Owner of Purobeach will stay in Montenegro this summer most of the time, but many say that he can be called a “nomad on the motorbike”. He was born in Sweden, he lives in Verbier and he also says that he does not like to tie to one place or one house.