Kotor - the town of small luxury hotels

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It has been years now since Kotor last had a big hotel. Even though accommodation is a permanent problem, we can say that Kotor is recognizable for its small high quality hotels. Tourist workers believe that large hotels should not be made at any cost, but instead small, exclusive hotels fitting into the scenery should be built.

When it comes to private accommodation, the local Tourist Organization has registered 460 private accommodation leasers with over three thousand beds.

There are also those who are in the grey zone, but their number is decreasing from year to year, says Dragana Samardžić, Advisor for Propaganda and Promotion in the Tourism Organization of Kotor. This year’s prices in the hotels and private accommodation are on the last year’s level and local Tourism Organization has no announcements about potential increase of prices. 

Prices are from €50.00 for overnight stay in the lower category hotels, and in the high class category hotels overnight stay with breakfast is from €180.00 to €230.00.

Prices in private accommodation are from €30.00 a day in lower category suites, and in the higher class suites prices are from €60.00 to €120.00.

Ms. Samardžić also highlighted versatile promotional material of the Tourism Organization of Kotor. 

This week city maps will be released, new accommodation catalogue and general brochure about Kotor; a new gastro catalogue is also going to be released soon as well as the artistic guide to Kotor.  This guide, which will be published in English, is a new promotional concept and includes artistic galleries, souvenir shops, special artisan shops and wine shops in the Old Town.  .

It is interesting to mention that there are about 50 souvenir shops in the Old Town in which there is a large number of souvenirs with motives of Kotor. 

Even though Kotor does not have its official souvenir, in the Tourism Organization they single out as the authentic items such as masks and replica of the key of the town of Kotor. 

As of this year the local TO will start guest electronic registration and charging tourist tax in the new premises near the post office in the Old Town, which will make registration of tourists much easier, Samardžić says.