Kitesurfing more and more popular

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Kitesurfing is a relatively young water sport. In Montenegro, first kite surfers appeared on Montenegrin beach called Velika Plaza after the year 2000 and in the past few years their number is soaring.

In the opinion of experienced kite surfers from abroad Velika Plaza has a great potential. It is even now recognized as a significant destination in Europe, but it should be promoted more.  

Kitesurfing (kiteboarding) is a very dynamic combination of windsurfing, wakeboarding, gymnastics and other skills ... kitesurfing is an attractive “water riding” with a smaller (7 - 15m2) specially designed kites that is wings.

So, by using only wind power and riding techniques you can surf for hours on the vast expanse of Velika Plaza as long as there is wind, of course. The necessary wind speed is between 5-10 m/s and this is just the speed of breeze that blows on Velika Plaza almost every day.

Look at the video made in late April, just after the members have finished filming of the final shots on the mountain Bjelasica within their winter project “Snowreport”.

“Now we are change terrain, equipment, and moving to new actions. Popularization of active holiday in nature, and Montenegro of course as an outstanding destination is one of our main goals,” members of the say.