JAMIROQUAI to headline Sea Dance Festival

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One of the most loved artists of our time, the frivolous Jamiroquai with their extravagant lead singer Jay Kay, are main stars of EXIT’s sea edition, Sea Dance festival held from 15th to 17th July on one of the most beautifully captivating beaches of the Adriatic Sea, Jaz beach, near Budva in Montenegro. After more than 20 successful years, 25 million sold albums, a Grammy award, a plethora of eye-catching hats and an exceptionally riveting and one of the most visited concerts in the history of EXIT festival, Jamiroquai are joining the EXIT Adventure, with hits like “Virtual Insanity”, „Cosmic Girl“, „Love Fool“, „Little L“, „Corner of the Earth“ and many others that are bound to get Sea Dance visitors dancing and moving!

Even after 22 active years Jay Kay and co. still continue to be true to themselves and pursue expressing their sound, which has been coloured by funk, electro, and pure pop elements. A combination of a mellow-smooth voice and interesting clothing options allowed them to jump out of conventional and formulaic trends, and resulted with a career blooming with hits like „Cosmic Girl“, „Love Fool“, „Little L“, and many more!

Even after a long and award-laden career, Jamiroquai are still known as a band that gives all they’ve got each time, and it’s bound to happen at the Sea Dance festival in front of a sea of fans ready to dance with forever-young Jay Kay!

More info: www.seadancefestival.me