International tourism keeps growing in 2013

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The number of international arrivals increased by 4% in 2012 and reached 1,035 billion according to the latest Issue of the Barometer of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Further growth is also expected in 2013 but with a bit slower pace – between 3-4%. For the first time in history the number of international travels has exceeded the figure of 1 billion. In 2011 there were 996 million travels.    

As for continents - Asia and Pacific have the fastest growth of 7%, and by the regions these are Southeastern Asia and Northern Africa with 9% and Central and Eastern Europe with 8%.

The number of arrivals to Europe, which is still the most visited region, was 535 million which represents the increase of 3%. As for Europe the largest growth was recorded in Central and Eastern Europe - 8%; they are followed by Western Europe with 3% and Mediterranean with 2%.

When it comes to spending, the Russians spent on their trips more than last year by 31%, and Germans and British by 3% that is 5%. On the other hand the French and Italians spent less by 7% that is by 2%.

Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization said: “Tourism has shown vitality to adjust to the new market conditions and it is expected to keep growing in 2013, even though that would be at a lower rate than in 2012. Tourism is one of the major branches of economy and must be supported by all governments in the world as a solution for the stimulation of faster economic growth.”