Hotel the Queen of Montenegro winner of two prestigious awards

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One of the world’s leading tour operators, British “Thomson”, gave to the hotel the Queen of Montenegro in Bečići a gold medal as a result of satisfaction of joint guests in 2012. Apart from this award, the hotel received second year in a row a certificate for outstanding services from a reputable web site Tripadvisor – it is stated in the announcement submitted to the Portal Analitika.

Hotel Manager, Dragan Ivančević proudly points out that these two awards represent a great incentive for them, but also the obligation to preserve the quality of services and keep one of the leading positions in Montenegrin hospitality industry.

British tour operator “Thomson” operates within the TUI Group which is one of the leading companies in the field of travel on a global level.

- Given the size and strength of this tour operator, gold medal awarded to the Queen of Montenegro has a special significance and represents one of the most important awards in the field of tourism and hospitality, especially bearing in mind that this is the first award that “Thomson” gave to any hotel in Montenegro so far – it is stated in the announcement.

It is also stated in the announcement that this British tour operator has very high standards when it comes to choosing a partner. It is also stated that they have rigorous demands that hotels must meet, and that expectations of their guests are very high.

- Every guest is interviewed after returning to Great Britain, after which the annual results are processed. In line with the 2012 results concerning accommodation and quality of facilities and services, hotel the Queen of Montenegro has achieved the best results for which the tour operator gave the hotel this award – it is explained by the hotel.

Tripadvisor, the largest internet portal for travel planning, second year in a row gave the Queen of Montenegro a certificate for outstanding services. This award is a result of positive reviews of the hotel guests on the website. In a strong competition of 4-star and 5-star hotels in Bečići the Queen of Montenegro holds a leading position as the best ranked on the basis of 169 individual impressions of guests – it is concluded in the announcement submitted to the Portal Analitika.

Source: Portal Analitika