Hiking Drušići by Brit Boone

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We needed some time in nature. Looking for an outing on a rare sunny day this winter, some friends and I traveled to Drušići. Halfway between Podgorica and Cetinje, this small, sleepy village offers several possibilities for a half-day hike. The mostly-flat trails offer family-friendly hiking options. Also, the culture lover can dive in as the locals are prone to invite you in for a chat along with the local food and drink. 

We were content to just be away from the city for a while and enjoy what we hoped would be a bit of sunshine and a quiet trek. Beyond our expectations, we saw some amazing views of nature in the Drušići area and the Crnojević River. Because of the rainy season, much of the trail was blanketed with a range of hues of green moss. As the sun broke through the clouds, the sky was filled with blues, whites, and greys. Contrasting skies on top of mountains, trails, and an expansive river combined to compose some amazing photo opportunities. 

As we went along the trail, the views were varied and seemed to grow in beauty. After about a kilometer and a half hike, we came to the end of the trail where we looked out over the river. Like the nature around us, we were silent. After a few minutes, the hush was broken by a flock of coots swooping down and skimming the water of the Crnojević River far below. Though we didn't plan it, we each found a place to personally breathe in the beauty and solace for a while. The view was perfect. Though we had several pictures come out pristine without any filters, they just don't capture the whole. You need to experience it yourself. 

Whether you find yourself on the coast or inland a bit in the capital city, this location is easily accessible and perfect for a time in nature and capturing some of the ever-fascinating beauty of Montenegro. More on this Drušiči hike is available on meanderbug.com.