Eco village Grebaja: Tourists feel at home

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The valley of Grebaja, a natural “gate“ of the part of the mountain wreath of Prokletije in the area of the town of Gusinje, is one of the most beautiful “oasis of peace and relaxation” in Montenegro. Under the mounts Volušnica and Popadija and the mount Vizier’s Beard, the Eco Village “Grebaja” found its place, the daily “Pobjeda” reports. 

A nature-lover and a famous entrepreneur from Gusinje, Srđan Pavićević made the eco village after a decade long experience with the restaurant “Galerija” which worked within the Auto-Moto Association, which was one of the most exclusive restaurants in the valley of the river Lim visited by those who enjoy good domestic food and good music. 

“I bought this piece of land in Grebaja five years ago and my intention was to build a weekend house - one morning six acres and in the afternoon six more acres I bought. When I came here with my father to put the fence around the plot he said: “It would be great if we could have in this beautiful place that plot over there and that one up there...”. So, he persuaded me to buy twenty acres more and it crossed my mind that I could build a small restaurant next year. I thought that would be enough. But, when I opened it I saw that my guests were usually foreigners. Then, I expanded the restaurant, then I built a suite and in the yard three bungalows on three levels (27 beds)”, Pavićević says.

He mentioned that “this area now belongs to the National Park Prokletije and, as we were told, we can build only prefabricated buildings, log cottages.”

In the restaurant “Grebaje” tourist are, as it should be, offered national cuisine specialties  made of the products grown usually in the villages of Plav and Gusinje, and satisfaction of guests is certain since they always get back. 

There are tourists from all the ex Yu countries but also from Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Holland, Germany, Bulgaria, Brazil etc. 

“Peak of the season is from now till the end of August. We already have bookings for that period of the year. At the end of this month we will not be able to accommodate all of those who are interested to come here, so we will have to provide them with accommodation elsewhere. We usually take the tourists by jeeps to the valley of Ropojana and other places because this eco village is a perfect starting point for the hikers and their conquering tours to numerous peaks of Prokletije,” he says.  Alpinists usually go to Karanfili, whose peaks are up to 2,460 – 2,490 meters above sea level and to Očnjak (2,185 above sea level) and other mountains “touching the sky”, and recreational hikers enjoy long walks on the meadows in the valley of Grebaja and on the nearby hills.  

“After the exhausting mountaineering, tourists come for refreshment in the eco village and have domestic food and take some rest if they were home,” says Pavićević.

He has noticed that “inexhaustible capacities of the mount Prokletije have not been used enough for mountaineering and winter sports”. According to him, municipality and the government should invest more in construction and maintenance of roads and the local TO should provide more structured offer and promote development capacities of the mountain tourism.