Easter in Montenegro

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Extremely rich in sacred heritage of two great religions and mutual good  relationships between Ortodox which are dominant, Catholics and Muslims, is something we are particularly proud in Montenegro. Their relationship are very respectful. They visiting each other when are the religious hollidays and have familiar relations.

Every year thousands of pilgrims of all religions come to Ostrog Monastery –one of the biggest world sanctuaries. Cetinje Monastery, Morača and Piva Monasteries, and Miholjska prevlaka are called „spiritual Lavra“ with special significance for the pilgrims. Two great Christian relics can be found in Cetinje Monastery: the right hand of St. John the Baptist and a part of the Holy Cross of Christ. Nearby is one of the most important icons in Christian world - the icon of Our Lady of Philerme.

People are preparing for Easter by fasting. Easter is a moveable feast, meaning it is not fixed in relation to the civil calendar. Eggs are colored in different  ways. The oldest tradition was decorating eggs in onion. The first colored egg, in onion or red, people kept in their home until the next Easter. Then competition begins in painted eggs. Two children or household members take the egg and tries firmness bark by tapping the egg on the egg. The winner is the one whose egg is passed intact and person who lose has to eat  egg. On that day, children, friends, relatives, exchanging eggs and donate them, showing their art creations on their use.

For Catholics population in Montenegro, which this year celebrate Easter at same day as Orthodox is a tradition to godmother send colorful eggs to their godparents and then godparents donate them shawls. Muslim in Montenegro, which has approximately 17 percent, glad to remember their Christian origin and in some Muslim home also colored eggs and children Islamic faith carry the eggs to their neighbors Christians. Easter in Montenegro is very widely and officially celebrated.

Good Friday (18th April) and the second  day of Easter (Monday 21st April) are not working days.