Dukley Gardens Brought Glitter and Shine Back to Zavala

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A tourist complex “Dukley Gardens” on the cape Zavala, with a newly opened beach and a restaurant, became a recognizable place for tourists who enjoy luxurious holidays, and a place where business people meet - Milena Spahić, PR Manager said.

“We did a lot when it comes to greening the cape. We are trying to make it what it used to be. We have opened a show room for visitors where they can see what they can get if they become our clients. Our plan is to have this settlement completed by the end of the construction season 2014,” stated Milena Spahić for the daily “Pojeda”. 

She has also added that a competition for a preliminary design of a luxurious hotel, which will be built above the restaurant, was completed a couple of days ago. 

“We have chosen an interesting project and we hope that entire Budva will enjoy that architectural solution,” she said.

According to Milena Spahić, beach “Dukley Gardens” was full every day.

“We have made the wish of the people of Budva and tourist, come true and they can now return to this place that was closed for years. One part of the beach is equipped with luxurious deck-chairs and the other part is free for those who come here with their sun umbrellas,” Spahić said.