The Blue Train and Tito - hit in GB

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This summer, within the offer of the operator “Explore Montenegro” tourists from Great Britain will have the opportunity for the first time to visit Montenegro and Serbia in an connected tour, and tourists have shown greatest interest so far in traveling by the famous Blue Train. That is why a group of British journalists has recently had the opportunity to take a ride on this famous train on which the whole history had taken place – as the Daily Telegraph and Adrian Bridge say. 

“What vital discussions must have been held in the grand conference carriage that still contains the 28 burgundy leather seats on which the negotiating parties would have sat? What crucial agreements would have been sealed over a wink and a glass of slivovic plum brandy on the light-green sofas in the drawing-room carriage?” Bridge is saying in his reportage “Balkans train journeys: travels with Tito”, B92 reports.

While presenting the Blue Train as a favourite means of transportation of Josip Broz Tito, president of the former SFRJ, the British journalist says that in that construction that resists the test of time east and west met, the opposing parties in the Cold War and representatives of the Non-Aligned Movement. 

“Today you don’t have to be a leader of a country to take a ride on this train”, Bridge says adding that for 99 pounds British tourists can take a one-way ride in an unusual time machine. 

With the exception of a British-manufactured air-conditioning system and a German-built Grundig radio, almost everything on the train was manufactured in Yugoslavia, says Bridge and introduces the readers to Thomas Popovic (75) one of only four people still alive who served on the train during the Tito days.   

In the old times of fame and glory Popović travelled with Tito and served his crew on the train and today he is sharing his memories with all those who are interested in the story.  

The journey starts in Belgrade and its final destination is the town Bar, where passenger get off the train charmed with the scents of olives and the Adriatic. During a several-hour ride, you pass through the most amazing parts of Serbia and Montenegro, one different from another. Bridge was speechless in front of the beauties of the canyon of the river Tara and Skadar Lake. 

In the end of the text, Bridge gives more detailed information about the tour and advice about what else to see if you are coming to this part of the world. He also says that there will come the time when the story of the dissolution of Yugoslavia will have to be told and adds that when it happens no one should judge anybody in advance and make an opinion based on prejudice. 

The Blue Train ride is only a piece of the offer to the British and includes spending several days on the Montenegrin coast.