Argentine daily “Clarin” published reportage about Montenegro

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In a special section of the Argentine daily “Clarin” on tourism, which is published on Sundays, reportage about Montenegro and its tourist attractions was published under the title “Charms of Eastern Europe”.

The article is dedicated to the description of natural beauties of Montenegro such as the river Tara canyon and the National Park Durmitor, old towns among which the following stand out: Kotor, Perast, Herceg Novi, and Cetinje as a historically important centre. The article also briefly describes history and historical developments in Montenegro. It states about the destination as follows: “There are old places and monasteries, bit also beaches and night clubs, large lakes and mountains where you can practice winter sports. That is a landscape in which ancient Greek and Roman pillars intertwine, Turkish minarets, medieval churches, forests, vineyards and olive groves.” Žabljak is mentioned as a top ski resort. 

Circulation of this extremely popular and reputable Sunday edition is 580,000 copies and among other things gives informed suggestions for new destinations to numerous travel fans of Argentina. Tourists from Argentina can come to Montenegro by “Air France” whose planes fly to Belgrade. At the end of the article readers are invited to visit Montenegro.

Argentina records growth of purchase power which means that its citizens can allocate more funds to travel to faraway destinations. With regard to diaspora of tens of thousands of Montenegrins in Argentina, Montenegro has the opportunity to attract more Argentine tourists to our country through a successful promotion of its tourist values in their market.