19 blue flags for Montenegrin beaches

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This year, 19 Montenegrin beaches got the Blue Flag - a prestigious international recognition.   

Four criteria must be fulfilled to get the Blue Flag and they are as follows:  quality of water by international standards, good ecological management and information, and security and services must be on a high level. 

The Blue Flag is awarded only based on the results from the previous year. Quality of water must always be of I class and if one of the criteria is not on the required level sanctions are imposed. 

“If it happens during the season that one of the criteria fails to be fulfilled the Blue Flag is temporarily put down and if conditions fail to be met until the end,  then it is kept down until the end of the season,” says the National Coordinator of the Blue Flag Program  Šaša Karajović,

The campaign that has been lasting in Montenegro for almost 10 years now is voluntary. The only thing that is required is that the beach lessees or hotel managers contact the national operator for information. 

The Blue Flags posted on our beaches this year again will be raised by the handball players Dragana Cvijić and Milena Božović and director of the football club “Grbalj” Nenad Maslovar.