“Ryan Air” in Montenegro from June

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Government ofMontenegroshould soon sign a four-year contract with the low-cost airline company “Ryan Air”, said Deputy Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Nebojša Popović, after the Government session.

Popović said that that company should fly toMontenegroeight months a year, i.e. from March to October. This year first flight is expected in June. Also, ticket prices are expected to range from €15 to €20.

“We have agreed to start operating from June 2012 to late October, but there is a possibility to extend flights throughout the year, but only after the adequate market assessments have been conducted,” said Popović.

This year we will start flying towards a minimum number of destinations and that is three, and this number will increase from year to year, so in 2013 it will amount to four and in 2014 and 2015 to six.

“A list of destinations has been defined but their Board of Directors will select destinations. However, it is our desire to have first lines established with three destinations in Central andWestern Europe. Tomorrow is a meeting of the Board of Directors of “Ryan Air” and it is when it will be decided about destinations for 2012. These include a few important destinations inGermany, several cities ofGreat BritainandFrance. Unofficially, during the negotiations we have agreed about the possibility of introducing the flights toBrussels,LondonandMilanthis year. Once again I have to repeat – this is the unofficial information,” said Popović.