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Outdoor Survival treks can be arranged for groups with a 12 persons maximum. They are divided in two groups- 6 people per group. Attendants need to have trekking shoes, trekking equipment, and a kit for personal hygiene. The Guide/instructor is present during the whole adventure. Survival is performed in the period between May-October.
Attendants will have to take the following equipment (per each group):
1. Backpack; 2.Sleeping bag; 3.Kit for food; 4.First aid kit; 5.Fishing kit; 6.Navigation kit; 7. A list of edible fungi (edible bolete, lambs lettuce, golden chantarelle); 8.Kit for collecting fungi; 9.First aid kit for a snake bite; 10.A list of edible herbs (nettle, dandelion, ramsons, leaves of beech, forest and mountain teas, ant`s eggs and larvae, wild bees` products and a catch from the canyon); 11.Map of the planned road
This arrangement lasts 3 days (two nights):

Day 1
Arrive in Kolašin, visit Explorer office, give basic information about the tour and taking the equipment (10-12 am)  The tour starts at 12am from Biogradsko lake area with SUVs, where the visitors will get basic information about flora and fauna of Biogradska gora followed by an overnight stay in National Park Biogradska gora.

Day 2
10 km walk to the Tara River; receive basic instruction about flora, fauna, and the river Tara; stay overnight within the Tara River area.

Day 3
The end of the tour, at 2 pm attendants return Kolašin.
During the trip attendants will receive instructions on fulfilling the tasks necessary to earn points. 
Additional surprise instructions will be given en route - so called ` dead control`.
The 6 member crew will receive awards if they fulfill the task. There are 6 tasks and 1 award is given for each one. Gaining 6 awards will earn a diploma.
The group with the highest score will receive a complimentary rafting or camping tour as a prize. 
The price of this adventure is 100 Euros per person.