Fishing on Morača


General information:
Morača canyon, 38 km long, 1050 m deep, is an extremely beautiful place due to its landscapes, flora and the erosion that has created it. Morača belongs to the Adriatic basin and offers an amazing experience. 
This river is rich with noble (Salmonidae family) types of fish: stream trout, grayling, huchen, and the special breed called marble trout. 
The tour begins with a meeting in our Explorer office where visitors will be introduced to their equipment and the tour itself (fish breeds, baits, fishing equipment). Transfer is organized with SUVs, and all visitors will be taken to the place previously arranged with the guide.
Fishing on Morača is allowed only with artificial baits. 
Due to the long distance, transfer is organized with SUVs. It can be performed jointly with camping or jeep safari.
This arrangement includes:
-1 guide per 5 people
-Equipment Rentals (if necessary)
-Fishing permit
-picnic breakfast and lunch;
Breakfast and lunch with national dishes will be served on the coast of the river.