Piva Lake Cruising

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Join us for cruising over smooth, green and blue water of Piva Lake. Our boat, like a small house will sail and rolls from one bay to another, always looking for the most beautiful place.

Water of Piva Lake is drinkable; temperature in summer is up to 22°C ad it is real paradise for swimming and recreation.

- Arrival in Pluzine and emerging from the dock Rosulje till 11.00
- Driving to the Cave Oteša – well-known tourist site reachable only by boat
- In this interesting place we will have break and taste traditional donuts with ham and cheese.
- Next stop is Podvođe – armband of the lake with clear green blue values where we will make one hour break and enjoy swimming.
The cruising continues towards excursion site "Kućarište" located at the lake bank. Here in the shades of hornbeam and oak trees we will light a barbecue and prepare fresh trout, zucchini, egg plant and tomato and onion.
- After lunch and homemade brandy we can enjoy swimming in warm water and sunbathing on the buoyant platform.
- On the way back to Pluzine we will visit island Gradac and land at Rosulje.

Price per person 30 €

The program includes:
- cruising
- breakfast and lunch
- insurance
- a guide during the program
- free parking for cars or bus

If you decide to prolong your stay, we can arrange accommodation in Brezna Village or Camp Modra Rijeka and make combination of any other program with Cruising Piva Lake, but you should not miss Tara River Rafting!!!