Two days rafting - from Zabljak

Price to: 

All floatable part of Tara River-Šljivansko to Šćepan Polje
Eighty kilometers of rafting for about 10 hours (two days).

At the foot of Durmitor massif, one of the main natural and ecological attraction is Tara River, the world known as the "tear of Europe." Given the depth and length of its canyon, as well as all its other features, the river Tara takes first place in Europe and the second in the world, right after Colorado in the United States.

Day first 
• 10.00 am - Departure from Žabljak. Comfortable and safe drive through attractive landscapes is challenging, until the starting point of rafting. Attractive landscapes offer possibility of enjoy the natural beauty and photographing. 
• 10:30 am - Arrival at the village Šljivansko, the departure place- Preparation for rafting. Dressing and taking the equipment necessary to safely and comfortably drifting. Instructions from the skipper. Boarding the boat.
• 11.00 am rafting - rafting through the most attractive parts of the Tara River. Adrenaline experience through the rapids, beech and enjoyment in the peaceful flow of river. Stopping for photographing the most plentiful sources in Europe (5000 liters per second). Continuation of rafting. Swimming below the authentic architecture of the bridge (Bridge on Tara) and the Monastery of St. Archangel. Continuation of rafting. 
• Stopping for photographing and swimming next to the White springs, place where water from Black Lake after a seven-day passage through underground ducts flows into the river Tara. White springs are a natural phenomenon because the channel runs under the riverbeds and they are flowing on the other side . Continuation of rafting. 
• Rafting to the place of debarkation - Radovan Luka.
• 17.00 pm Completion of the first day of rafting - Free time in an attractive natural environment of National Park Durmitor.
• Dinner and overnight stay at a motel Radovan Luka.

Day second
• 10.00 am Continuation of rafting tour - After breakfast, boarding the boat and continuation of rafting. Stopping at several locations for photographing and swimming.
• Stopping at the site Sige Bajlovica, attractive waterfall, which in the opinion of many tourists is the most beautifully part of the river. Emerald color, unpredictable temperament, rugged and steep coastline, a large water power and all sorts of underwater obstacles are making Tara River one of the biggest challenges for that its fans can experience during rafting.
• Rafting until Brstanovica. Disembark from the boat and rest and coffee in the countryside in one of the camps Brstanovica. Pause for about 1 hour.
• Continuation of rafting tour through the river, where is the largest number of rapids, which are a special adrenaline experience for visitors.
• Rafting to the Scepan Polje
• 16.30 pm Completion of rafting tour 
• Lunch in the restaurant Camp Modra Rijeka
• Return to Zabljak by jeep or van, while passing the Piva Canyon you can photography its beautiful landscape. Stopping by hydro power plant Mratinje (height over 220m). The tour passes Piva Lake (the lake is about 42 km long).
• Continuation of the driving through the authentic village Trsa. Crossing Durmitor massif. Crossing over the mountain passes that is located at 2,000 meters above sea level. Stopping for sightseeing and photographing.
• 19.00 pm Return to hotel 

Price per person 200 € 

The trip includes:
-Full rafting equipment and certified skippers 
-terrain vehicles during the arrangement 
-Fee for rafting 
-Fee to the National Park 
-The above described meals 
-Overnight stay at the motel Radovan Luka 
-Free parking places for your vehicles 
Price does not include: 
-Additional services and all other expenses not covered by the program

NOTE: This arrangement can be organized with staying overnight at Zabljak (under the tent, in bungalows or in the hotel). 
Price per person is:
-your own tent 3,5 € 
-bungalow 8,5 € 
-hotel 30 €