Rafting (three days)

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Two days of rafting at the whole navigable part of the Tara river in a length of 90 km from Ðurđevića Tara (Splavište) to Šcepan polje

The First day

Arrival at the camp "Modra rijeka" in the afternoon (located in Scepan polje near the Bosnian border)
Sightseeing and accommodation
Dinner, entertainment with music of your choice or relaxing by the campfire
Overnight stay

The Second day

08.00 - Breakfast
08.30 - Transportation of the participants by jeeps to Šljivansko (starting point of two-day rafting in the length of 90km), driving along the Mountains of Piva, the village Pisce (1390m), Trsa (1450m), Todorov Do, located below the most beautiful peak of the mountain of Durmitor Prutaš ( 2300m), the village Virak, peak Sozina, (1908m), view of the Modro Lake, Valovito Lake, mountain ski resort Zabljak (1420m)
11.30 - arrival at Sljivansko, 3km upstream from the bridge Ðurðevica Tara
11.30 - Preparing for rafting (participants get belts, helmets and waterproof clothes and shoes)
12.00 - Rafting to Radovan Luka which takes about 3-4 hours (depending on water level), with breaks for lunch, taking photos and swimming. At this point of rafting we firs come across Ljutica (the largest font in Europe), the bridge Ðurđevica Tara (height 165m), the Monastery of Archangel Michael (from the fourteenth century), whirlpool of Adzija, Žugica luka, Mušovica svrela , Lazin kamen (at this point Tara is 4 m tight, and the depth is about 16 m).
16.00 - visit to Radovan Luka, accommodation at the motel, hiking, fishing, dinner and socializing at the campfire.
Overnight stay

The Third day

9:00 - Breakfast
10.00 - we continue rafting through the most beautiful part of the National Park Durmitor to Šcepan polje for a period of 4-6 hours (depending on water level) with breaks for lunch, taking photos, swimming. At this point of rafting, we first come across Tepca village (famous for its old wire bridge and beautiful rapids, where the canyon is the deepest), Baijlovica Sige (the most photographed part of Tara canyon), Gornje i Donje Nozdruce rapids, river Susica (rises at the top of Durmitor) , Prodrtu Usov (large, beautiful rapids), camp Brstanovica and namesake rapids that are the longest at the Tara river, the rapids Borovi, Varda, Celije, Vjernovica buk ...
15.00h _ coming to Šćepan polje, end of the rafting, lunch at a restaurant on the river bank.

The price of this arrangement is 199 €


Price includes:

  • Transportation from Šcepan polje to Splaviste
  • All meals during the tour
  • All necessary equipment for rafting
  • Fee-for rafting  (35 €)
  • Two - nights stay in bungalows

You should bring:

  • Passport or ID
  • Dry clothes