Rules for rafting

It is very important to introduce you to the rules established by "Doo Rafting Montenegro" agency for rafting on the Tara River. We kindly ask you to read the rules well before you choose the arrangement.


  1. Before entering the boat, the skipper will give you instructions on how to conduct a boat during the rafting. Please listen very carefully!!
  2. Security is everyone’s responsibility. Skippers will explain the basic rules of conduct to prevent any unwanted event. If you are suspicious, ask first, before you take the desired step. Do not stand in the raft. Paddles are exclusively for rowing, please handle them with care.
  3. Tell the skipper any special request (concerning the health problems etc.....) before rafting begins and consult with him.
  4. All participants must have suitable equipment. Skippers will check this before entering the boat. "Rafting Montenegro” has to offer all equipment that is necessary for the safety of all participants and comfortable rafting. The equipment includes: safety vest! (mandatory), helmet! (mandatory), neoprene suit and shoes.
  5. Participants can bring in their personal things (mobile phone, documents, video cameras and cameras solely at their own responsibility. They must take care of their own things to avoid wetting or any other accidents)
  6. Taking part in rafting is solely on the participant own risk!! Each participant must leave their signature that confirms participation in rafting at your own responsibility.