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Podgorica night

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Traditional “Podgorička noć”, the day of liberation of the city of Podgorica is held in restaurant "Moraca". In the full room, cheerful guests enjoy the rich cultural – entertainment program and the Tourism Organization of Podgorica is in charge of organizing this fabulous event every year. 

Guests from public and cultural life of Podgorica enjoy the sounds of traditional and pop music and have fun until late. “Podgorička noć” is organized traditionally by the Tourism Organization of Podgorica. Their intention is to organize an evening for the citizens of Podgorica who will enjoy traditional sounds and songs about the city under the hill Gorica, Stara varoš, popular bridges of Podgorica and other sites. The aim of the Tourism Organization of Podgorica is to preserve the spirit of the old town of Podgorica and save it from being forgotten.



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